Our Story

MIX AND MATCH: A Story About Love of Mixing Art & Fashion

Our journey as a company started thirty years ago when our founder, Shahira Fahmyhad a vision to challenge the local fashion scene. At that time, the market was flooded by international brands and lacked the authentic character of our local market. Mix And Match introduced a distinct style that appeals to all women and men. With a wide selection of high quality fashionwear, our clothes only use

100% Egyptian cottons and linens that are colored and treated in Egypt as well. We were able to achieve immediate success, mixing international fashion trends with local appeal. In over three decades we have always stayed true to our values which helped us deliver something that’s always been one of a kind to our customers.

What makes MIX AND MATCH a special company? 

We create fashionable clothes for everyday people.  Our outfits can be worn during normal daily activities or during special occasions. We also expose our shoppers to different cultures and styles as each collection takes inspiration from different culture around the world and modernizes it to create a timeless piece that can stay in your closet forever. For example, recent collections have drawn inspiration ranging from local upper Egyptian women to Japanese culture. 

We also ensure that our collections support local artisans, suppliers and labor in order to help preserve the heritage of the rich Egyptian craftsmanship. We also strive to be environmentally conscious, taking steps to encourage sustainable

The inspiration for each collection always begins with an intuitive feeling. It’s as if something is already speaking to us before we start, telling us where to go. Once we hear the calling, we begin the process to turn inspiration into a collection.


What makes our collections unique?

Each collection revolves around one culture which we delve into to create our theme. The design team will then spend months to express all aspects of that culture in incredible detail. The result is a collection that reflects the uniqueness and heritage of that culture, but yet maintains MIX AND MATCH’S sense of style and fashion. 

We elaborate each collection with complementing accessories, shoes, and bags that fall under the same theme. Some of these items are produced in house, others through collaborations with local artists and designers.