Introducing the AW22 Collection

We are excited to finally announce the launch of our Autumn-Winter 22 collection. This collection is one for the old and young souls alike. With earthy colors, ground vibes, and inspiration drawn from cultural and natural sources, it is meant to complete and complement our Summer-Spring 21 collection by providing sustainable autumn and winter fashion pieces that can be layered to create unique outfits you can wear throughout the entire year.

As humans in this modern era, we all sometimes get lost in the daily hustle and bustle. As technology takes over more and more of our daily lives, we find ourselves craving the authenticity and beauty of genuine human interaction, and of self-reflection.

This collection was designed with one main purpose in mind: to find our true selves.

The birth of our AW22 collection

We drew inspiration for this collection from 3 sources:
The life of nomads and the journey to self-discovery
The land we inhabit and its rich textures and colors
The cultures and traditions that were deeply ingrained into our souls

Our goal with this collection was to highlight the journey of self-discovery in a way that people could relate to on a deeper level. We want people to treat self-discovery not as an epiphanic moment or realization, but as an ongoing journey where you must learn, unlearn and relearn everything you thought you knew.

Designing for versatility and sustainability

Autumn-Winter 22 is a full collection with a diverse set of items designed to suit your everyday outfits for the season. As we drew upon similar pillars of inspiration during our design process, this collection was designed with versatility in mind. It gives you the room to mix and match between items from this and our previous collection easily to achieve a perfectly blended cozy autumn or winter look. The idea of creating collections that complement each other was born out of the simple realization that the beauty of the nomadic lifestyle lies in its minimalist nature: living life as it should be.

Produced in off-white, beige, blue, black, and sand, along with detailed embroideries and fabric prints, the collection blends with the environment in a way that makes it unique in the outside world. We used sustainable materials during production to ensure that we maintain our commitment to protecting our planet without compromising on the quality and feel of our garments. This means you can wear any item in this collection with pride knowing that it was created with sustainability and ethical production in mind.

Keep an eye out for our AW22 collection, coming soon online and in stores!